Letter Jacket Tradition at Iowa State

This is a very well done video from our friends at Iowa State Letterwinners Club that gives some insight into the importance and history behind the letter jacket tradition at Iowa State. Maverick is the proud manufacturer and supplier of award jackets to Iowa State and we look forward to outfitting many more letterwinners in the future.

Virginia Tech Hosts Inaugural Letter Jacket Ceremony

Maverick Awards is the proud manufacturer and supplier of letter jackets to Virginia Tech University. We would like to congratulate the student athletes who have put in the time and effort to earn their Virginia Tech Varsity Letter Jacket. Their achievements were recognized during an inaugural letter jacket ceremony held in McConnell Auditorium on Feb. 2, 2015.

At a time when many schools are moving away from a traditional letter jacket award ceremony, it is great to see a school like Virginia Tech begin the tradition for their hard-working student athletes. We hope more colleges and universities follow their lead and keep the letter jacket tradition alive!

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Michigan State Hall of Fame Ceremony

At the 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony, Michigan State honored members of the Michigan State Hall of Fame with the gift of a letter jacket. The left chest chenille bears the distinction, "Hall of Fame". Our friends at Michigan State were kind enough to send along a "thanks you" card with this photo. It is great to see such an exceptional group of athletes proudly wearing their Maverick Awards letter jackets.

As a manufacturer, we are so focused on making the highest quality awards (along with the delivery and service), that we sometimes forget that our awards are part of something special. 

University of Texas Longhorns Receive their Letter Jackets

For the largest university in our home state of Texas and the #1 revenue grossing athletic program in NCAA, Maverick proudly manufacturers athletic awards. This video is from The University of Texas Letter Jacket ceremony held Jan. 17, 2014 in the T-Room at The University of Texas. First year letter winners received their Varsity Letter Jacket this evening. We hope the student athletes understand it is more than just the wool and leather that make up the jackets... It is recognition of their dedication and hard work.

We hope the student athletes wear their letter jackets with honor and pride, and we look forward to helping continue the tradition of letter jackets and other athletic awards at The University of Texas, well into the future!